Acupuncture comes into its own in the Spring!

Spring is here early – which gives us all a welcome boost of warmer temperatures and sunshine. However, the change of season is seen as a challenge to the body and mind in Chinese philosophy. We mirror and reflect the cycles of life and when our system is balanced we are able to adjust with flexibility and fortitude during these times of change.

Contrary to the lovely optimistic feeling that spring can give us, I have seen a lot of patients in the last couple of weeks struggling with this change, be it coughs and colds, emotional discontent (the spring relates to irritability, frustration and anger in Chinese philosophy) or just not feeling themselves.

Here, acupuncture comes into its own, helping to regulate the changes in the natural rhythms our organism encounters during this period. I have many patients who come for a ‘maintenance’ treatment every 3 months around the times of the change of season for this very purpose.

Photo copyright Craig Minto