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Hot or Cold, Which Should I Use?

As spring is upon us and we are all getting more active again after the winter. The garden needs attention and many are getting back to sporting activities again. Getting back to exercise after a period of being relatively less active of course puts us at greater risk of minor injuries and general aches and […]

New Year Fitness

As we enter the Post Christmas period many of us begin thinking about getting fit in the New Year. We all know that exercise is important for a healthy heart, joints and generally keeping us fit. However, with the best will in the world, many of us find excuses, ‘I’m too busy… the gym is […]

Sitting back waiting for trouble?

Over ten thousand people visit their osteopath each week because of problems caused by poor office seating, according to a recent survey carried out by Britain’s osteopaths. The osteopaths reported that unsuitable office seating, and poor sitting posture are the cause of 50% of all the problems they see among patients who have primarily sedentary jobs. The recent […]

BACK at School

Helping to avoid back pain in young people Over the last few years we have found an increasing number of school children, teenagers and university students coming for treatment complaining of back and neck pain. One of the major factors in the development of these problems seems to be carrying bags of books and equipment that are just […]

Back in the Garden

Over the last few weeks we have seen an increasing number of patients attend the clinic suffering from acute back pain as a result of gardening or lawn mowing. Looking through the old clinic files we found an article written by the founder of the clinic Simon Fielding that was published in the local paper […]