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Acupuncture Explained

  Many people coming to The Bower Mount Clinic are unsure if acupuncture from our highly acclaimed acupuncturist Craig Minto might be able to help with their particular health care problems. So here is an explanation that may help. Oriental acupuncture is a deceptively simple form of medical treatment (Chinese Medicine) involving the insertion of […]

Autumn is upon us!

    Sadly the warm weather is slipping away, the days are drawing in and before you know it, you’ll be once more wrapped up in thick winter woollies. We all at The Bower Mount Clinic hope you managed to make the most of the summer, soaked up some vitamin D and kept yourself in […]

Acupuncture Treatment For Arthritis of Hip and Knee Joints

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment modality used for a wide range of physical and mental/emotional conditions. By stimulating acupuncture points on the body one can provoke a healing process in the body, including the release of pain killing chemicals produced in the brain such as endorphins. Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip and knee are two […]

Acupuncture comes into its own in the Spring!

Spring is here early – which gives us all a welcome boost of warmer temperatures and sunshine. However, the change of season is seen as a challenge to the body and mind in Chinese philosophy. We mirror and reflect the cycles of life and when our system is balanced we are able to adjust with […]

How to stay on your own two feet during the winter months

1 In cold/freezing temperatures, assume all wet areas are icy. 2 Wear footwear that provides good traction underfoot. 3 Walk in designated walkways; ice and snow may be more prevalent on unused shortcuts. 4 It’s vital to keep your hands and arms free to help with balance . Do NOT walk along looking at your […]

Exciting Research on beneficial long term effects of Acupuncture

A  recently published research paper examining the long term effect of acupuncture on chronic pain has been published in the highly prestigious journal PAIN. The study addresses the uncertainty as to how long the effects of acupuncture treatment persist after a course of treatment.  The researchers determined the pain scores over time after acupuncture.  They […]

Osteopathy and pregnancy

We regularly treat pregnant women at The Bower Mount Clinic with a variety of symptoms ranging from low to mid back pain to pelvic girdle pain (including sacro-iliac and/or pubic symphysis dysfunction), rib pain, sciatica as well as the general discomfort of later pregnancy.  As the baby grows in the womb, the extra weight can […]

Help to Manage The Seasonal Misery of Hay Fever

      The joys of spring bring a glimpse of the longer, warmer days that lay just around the corner, along with a pervading sense of optimism and renewal in the air. For many, however, the season brings the dread of hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and it’s associated misery of sneezing, red, itchy eyes […]