Massage therapy, remedial massage and sports massage

Massage therapy is a natural therapy and has been used for thousands of years. Remedial massage is one of the most effective and readily available ways to prevent and treat muscle injuries, pain and soreness.

Massage is a form of bodywork that is used to improve the function of your body’s framework and it can also help to improve your overall sense of wellbeing and general health. By using their hands in a variety of different techniques, massage therapists gently manipulate the soft tissues in the body to promote relaxation and improved circulation.

When a soothing touch is applied to the skin, and gentle pressure applied to muscles messages are sent to the brain to relax the body and release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Rubbing the muscles and tissues of the body also help to work out any stiffness or tension that is stored in the body to improve flexibility and movement.

Massage therapy in Maidstone Kent at At The Bower Mount Clinic is either used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other therapies such as Osteopathy and Acupuncture. Our highly experienced massage therapist often working with our team of osteopaths sees many patients with back pain, neck pain and other joints pains. She also treats patients for the effects of injury – especially sports injuries and also many patients suffering from the effects of a stressful lifestyle.

We also offer massage therapy for relaxation and stress-related issues, muscle and joint pain, high blood pressure, tension headaches, after-effects of joint surgery, and even to help with digestive problems such as constipation. Many athletes also come to see us for massage therapy to keep their bodies in peak condition. Treatment is always tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Beyond the benefits of massage therapy for specific conditions or diseases, many people come to the clinic to enjoy massage simply to relax and some “me” time!

If you think massage might be helpful for you please call 01622 674656 to book an appointment or to find out more.

Remedial Massage prices

A 1 hour appointment costs £42.00

A 45 minute appointment costs £37.00

A 30 minute appointment costs £32.00

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