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The Bower Mount Clinic has an experienced team of Osteopaths in Maidstone Kent. Osteopathy or osteopathic healthcare is a recognised and evidence based system of assessment, diagnosis and management that can be applied across a wide range of medical conditions.  It is based on the principle that the structure and the functions of the body are closely integrated and that our wellbeing requires all our body and its systems to work in balance together.

What can I expect from my first Osteopathic appointment?

Osteopathy as practiced by our team at The Bower Mount Clinic in Maidstone is a patient-centred, system of healthcare. A first appointment generally lasts between 30-45 minutes.

During the treatment, your osteopath will listen and ask questions about your current problem, your general health, other medical care you are receiving and details of any medication you are taking. All the information you provide is treated as strictly confidential

Your osteopath will then conduct a thorough clinical examination paying particular attention to the problem area but also assessing the overall mechanical function of your body. It is possible that the osteopath will ask you to remove some of your clothing but if you feel uncomfortable able this please ask for a gown. Some of our osteopaths are also quite happy to treat patients clothed. You can also ask a friend or relative to accompany you and be present throughout your treatment;

During the examination you may be asked to make simple bending movements so your osteopath can assess your posture and mobility of your spine and other joints. Pain and stiffness in one area of your body maybe linked to a problem in another area. Osteopaths have a highly developed sense of touch and can detect problems in the joints and tissues by gently palpating (touching) the area concerned.

Your osteopath will give then give you a clear explanation of what they find (their diagnosis) and discuss a treatment plan that designed specifically for you. They will also explain the benefits and any risks of the treatment they are recommending. It is important that you understand what the treatment can achieve, and the likely number of sessions needed for a noticeable improvement in how you feel.

Treatment is hands-on and involves skilled gentle movements of the spine and joints, and “massage” of soft tissues. If receiving cranial osteopathy this will involve very gentle pressure to your head and sometimes lower spine. It is so gentle that many patients fall asleep during treatment! Your osteopath will explain what they are doing and will always ask your permission to treat you (known as consent). Ask questions at any time if you are unsure what you have been told or if you have any concerns.

After your initial treatment your osteopath may advice on exercises or other self help measures that can assist your recovery and help prevent recurrence of the problem. This is especially the case when being treated for a sports injury or fracture. Your osteopath will also check for signs of any serious conditions that they feel you should consult your GP about. In this case they can provide you with a letter explaining what they believe to be the problem.

How will I feel after my treatment?

Many patients feel instant relief after treatment and think it’s a “miracle”! However if a problem has been longstanding sometimes patients feel a bit sore in the first 24 hours after treatment as joints that have not moved properly for years begin to function again. Your osteopath will explain any likely reactions that you could expect and also advise you on the use of cold packs to help reduce inflammation. If you have any concerns after treatment it is important to contact the clinic and seek advice. If it requires more than one visit to resolve your problem then your osteopath will review your progress at each subsequent visit and modify their treatment approach according to your progress.

Will my private health insurance cover the cost of treatment?

We work closely with many private insurers. If you have private health insurance it may be possible to claim for your treatment. Before booking an appointment you will need to ask your insurance company about your level of cover and whether you need to be referred by your GP or a specialist.

Is referral from a doctor necessary?

Most patients ‘self-refer’ to an osteopath for treatment. Although referral by a GP is not necessary, you are encouraged to keep your GP fully informed, so that your medical records are current and complete. This will ensure your receive the best possible care from both health professionals. If you wish, your osteopath can send a report to your GP with details of your condition and treatment. You can also request a letter for your employer if this is helpful and we can provide recognised sick notes where appropriate.

Our practitioners

Osteopaths at The Bower Mount Clinic are trained to treat their patients as a “whole” rather than just focusing on a specific symptom or pain.  So when our patients present with any particular problem they are given an overall basic medical screening as well as a structural and functional assessment of how their body is working.  This means that the osteopath can discover the underlying cause of a particular problem so that it can be more effectively dealt with. Click here to meet the Osteopath team.

More information

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Osteopathy prices

The initial osteopathic treatment may take longer than subsequent ones – please allow  30-45 minutes. The charge is £42.

Further treatments where necessary will be for half an hour and the charge is also £42.

We prefer contactless payment but accept debit and credit cards.

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